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If you have to take medications as a course, you are welcome to use our refill option. Please, enter the data necessary for submitting this form. We will process your order as usual within 24 hours. Your order will be arrested when your course is over. We will send your medications every month. Specify the duration of the course and how much times you should take the drug daily. Our operator will count what number of pills you need.

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Why is Rx refill so convenient?

Rx refill is convenient because you have no necessity to make an order for drugs every month. You won’t be anxious when waiting for the medications to come if something wrong happens during the delivery. Your parcel will be delivered monthly as the majority of online pharmacies provides medications for 2-months course, only. If your therapy lasts more, it is better to use this option.

Your data entered at the moment of the usage of a refill option are also kept safe. They are encrypted as during ordinary ordering procedure. We follow all requirements to the protection of customers’ personal data. We believe our customers deserve the best service ever. We are oriented on achieving this exact goal.

The refill form is given above. Please, if you have any questions you are welcome to address our customer care support service. All the inquiries are processed within 24 hours, as well. All the contact data is given in the “Contact Us” section.

We hope the information given is useful for you. If you still come across with some non-understanding, you may send us an email right now. Our operators are polite and professional specialists. They will explain to you everything in details.