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Yoga for Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, you are not the only one. With increasing stress and health problems, the number of men who suffer from such sexual problems is also increasing at an alarming rate. Problems related to your sex life can lower your self-esteem and can also damage the relationship with your partner. However, there are many ways that can help you get rid of this problem.

One of the best ways to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is yoga. Been practiced for more than 5,000 years, yoga is known to improve your mental, physical and spiritual strength. A number of problems, including sexual problems, can be treated with regular practice of yoga. As the modern world is now understanding the benefits of this ancient practice, yoga is enjoying major popularity throughout the world.

There are a number of yoga poses that can help in treating the problem of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Some of the most beneficial ones are mentioned below.


Best Yoga Poses for Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

  • Halasana (Plow Pose). Halasana is very beneficial for the abdominal organs. It helps in relieving stress which is a major cause of sexual problems. Moreover, it is also very advantageous in treating digestion related problems and reducing menopause symptoms. For doing this pose, simply lay down on the floor, raise your legs up in the air and try to drop your legs behind your head. Try to make sure that your legs are as straight as possible and your hands are stretched in the front. Take a few deep breaths in this position and then again place your legs in the normal position. While you may find it difficult in the beginning, with daily practice you will be able to do it easily;
  • Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder Stand). Sarvanga means all the organs of your body in Sanskrit. This pose is highly beneficial for all parts of the body. It helps in improving your sexual health and is highly beneficial for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For creating this pose, lay down on the floor with your toes touching each other and arms stretched in the front. Inhale and start lifting legs while your knees remain straight. Now, with your arms, hold your hips and try to raise your entire body along with your legs with just your head and arms on the floor. Take a few deep breaths in this position and then lower your legs to come in a relaxed position;
  • Kandasana (Shoulder Pose). This is one of the best poses for improving your sexual health. Moreover, it also helps in reducing joints pain and increasing the flexibility of your legs. For this pose, simply sit on the floor with your legs stretched in the front. Now, fold the legs from the knee area, hold your feet with your arms and try to pull the foot towards your body. Ankles should be twisted in a way that they face your chest. Hold your foot in this position for a few deep breathes and then stretch the legs in the front again;
  • Gomukh Asana (Cow Head Position). Apart from treating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, this pose is also very beneficial for improving our mental strength and energy levels. For creating this pose, sit on the floor with your floors stretched in the front. Now place your right leg on top of your left leg and then fold both the legs from the knee area. Remain seated in this position. Now, inhale and lift your right hand and fold it backward from the elbow. Now, try to hold your right hand with your left hand at the back. Take a few deep breaths in this position and then come into a relaxed position. Repeat the same procedure from the opposite side.
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While there are many medical treatments for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, yoga is a natural and safe way to do so. Remember this list of yoga poses and practice them on a daily basis to see visible results within a couple of months.

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