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Sky Pharmacy: Your International Drugstore

Sky Pharmacy is an online service that simplifies the lives of thousands of people daily. This website allows you to order medications and health-related products directly from manufacturers. Our company has operated round the clock what makes us available at any time of the day and night.

After filling in mandatory forms to submit an order, the order is processed and dispensed from our office within 24 hours. When the order is dispensed from the office, an email notification is sent with the details of when the parcel has been delivered.

The online pharmacy website is currently working with direct manufacturers. Thanks to special agreements, our customers get the opportunity to significantly save on the purchase of medications.Sky Pharmacy_ Your International Drugstore

We care about our customers and work only with trusted and certified manufacturers. Our pharmacy has a license to carry out pharmaceutical activities, has the right to store, transport, dispense and sell medications. We constantly monitor the quality of incoming medications.

Our online pharmacy has existed for more than 15 years. Our specialists provide information on the availability of goods, the location, and mode of operation, ongoing promotions and discount programs for free. Also, through the customer care department, you can place a special order for items that are not in stock and wait for their delivery.


Customer focus

Our main task is to satisfy the needs of each person in the means and services of treatment and prevention of diseases. An important criterion by which a person chooses Sky Pharmacy is not only the price of medications but also the quality of service. To meet the expectations of customers, our pharmacists analyze complaints and claims, also monitor the level of service.

Best assortment

We offer the best range of medical products – up to 300 items. Among them, there are effective medications of national and foreign manufacturers, medical equipment, patient care items, medical cosmetics, and skincare products.

Quality assurance

We ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products and a decent level of customer service:

  • all products sold are certified in accordance with the legislation of the United States of America.
  • a well-organized system of internal quality control of drugs delivered to the pharmacy allows the consumer to get a high-quality medication.

Modern equipment ensures the correct storage of medications, taking into account the requirements of good storage practices. An electronic database of the shelf life of drugs allows us to monitor the shelf life of medications on a daily basis.


Staff development is the key to a high level of service. Sky Pharmacy has a special attitude to customer service. Therefore, we employ pharmacists who regularly improve their skills on the basis of the best medical schools in the USA.

A specialized training center has been organized at the online pharmacy where all pharmacists are trained and improve their skills. This center includes:

  • periodic training for staff;
  • training on a special simulator for pharmacists;
  • improving customer service and IT skills.

Computer techologies

Computer technology – assistant workers and customers. To provide patients with the necessary pharmaceuticals, employees use a special software program. It allows you to quickly and accurately select over-the-counter medications based on the symptoms indicated.

Information support for customers

  • Customer support service on the acquisition and use of medical products;
  • Free printed booklets with practical advice from experts on how to maintain health, cure or alleviate the course of the disease, effectively look after your appearance.
  • Round-the-clock support.

Information support for medical workers

Sky Pharmacy implements a program to inform doctors about new drugs. In this program, we use only accessible and reliable information for specialists of various profiles. Information is available online. We do not create advertising – we provide the necessary information.

Wide range and only trusted suppliers

To meet the needs of customers and provide them with effective, genuine and effective medications, our online pharmacy constantly maintains an assortment of up to 300-500 items, 70% of which are medications. A large selection of skincare and hair products and herbal supplements is also included in the online catalog.

In order to ensure that all drugs in our catalog of medications meet quality standards, we only cooperate with trusted and reliable suppliers located predominantly in India. This guarantees a high quality of products.

We include the following drug categories in the online catalog: allergy, anti fungal, anti viral, anti-depressants, antibacterial, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular, cholesterol, diabetes, diuretics, erectile dysfunction, eye drop, gastro health, general health, hair loss, hepatitis C virus (HCV), herbals, HIV, hormones, men’s ED packs, men’s health, mental illness, motion sickness, muscle relaxant, pain relief, quit smoking, skin care, sleeping aids, weight loss, women’s health.

Among bestsellers, there are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Avanafil, Zithromax, Cipro, Pink Female Viagra, Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Force, Chlomid, and etc.

In general, the list of bestsellers contains men’s health medications. This drug category becomes one of the most sought-after among online pharmacies. Men prefer to cope with their sexual problems having absolute security and anonymity. Such security and confidentiality are guaranteed by Sky Pharmacy. Besides, Sky Pharmacy will help overcome all sexual problems and recommend the right product. But we insist on visiting a physician to know the cause of the sexual problem. It is necessary to do it because the doctor will prescribe the right preparation in the right dosage for you.

The majority of the assortment is generics.

Why are generics cheaper?

The cost of brand-name medications includes not only the cost of its components but also the cost of its production. A brand drug enters the market after many years of searching for the necessary combination of active ingredients, clinical trials, during which all unfavorable results associated with taking this drug will be recorded. Besides, every new product should be properly advertised. That is, big sums of money are invested in advertising, which the manufacturer needs to justify. Therefore, branded medications are not cheap. Manufacturers of generics use the background and the results of clinical trials of the branded manufacturers. They no longer need to test their drug, the manufacturer of the branded one has already done it. Therefore, the cost of a generic only includes the costs of components and packaging in tablets, capsules or ampoules.


Sky Pharmacy and has no relation to the National Stem Cell Bank. These are two independent facilities that have their own functions and duties. We use this domain for performing our main goal – to inform people about generic medications. If you are interested in what stemcellbank does, please, surf its website. All the materials on the website are given for educational purposes only. We are not responsible if some info is incorrect or irrelevant. We are also not responsible for the content of third-party websites’ content. Our online company has no connection with the drugs’ manufacturing. We are a vendor that strives to provide only top-quality generic medications to our customers.


My review will focus on the supplier of medications – Sky Pharmacy. I found this website quite by accident. I was surprised to see low prices. It attracts me the most. In addition, they often have discounts on promotional codes. Promotional codes can be found on the site itself. I made my first order using a promotional code with a 3% discount. The order is brought directly to the address indicated in the order. Remember, if your order is incorrect, your parcel won’t be delivered. Choose all the information twice, please. In this case, even a reliable online pharmacy cannot give you a refund or reshipment.


Your online pharmacy is the best online pharmacy that currently exists. Free delivery, reasonable prices, polite operators, email notifications, bonus and discount programs, promotional codes for discounts. I do recommend this service as I have found low prices and high-quality generic medications there. This pharmacy helps me overcome my disease. I am thankful to them! If I can I would award them the prize of the Best Online Pharmacy!


What is good at Sky Pharmacy? There is almost everything, including medications and herbal supplements in the online catalog. A huge part of the goods is sold with a discount. There is a combination of products that will be cheaper if you take them together. You can enter a promotional code and get an additional discount. The delivery time for drugs is fast and convenient. The ability to specify any shipping address you like even PO box. Checking the order status.


I have been ordering drugs on this website for a little less than a year. My sister recommends me this service. She constantly made orders in this online pharmacy. There are many rare drugs that you can sometimes not find in a conventional drugstore.


For a long time I want to leave my review about this online pharmacy. Sky Pharmacy deserves the most flattering reviews and words of gratitude. I use the services of this website for quite a long time, made and delivered about 10 orders. For me, ordering in an online pharmacy is very convenient for several reasons. Firstly, in this pharmacy, always low prices are guaranteed. Secondly, it’s convenient for me that they deliver to the specified address. Thirdly, the form of ordering drugs is convenient. In the online pharmacy, you select all the necessary medications, put them in the shopping cart, place an order and receive a confirmation email that the order has been successfully accepted and processed.